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About Us

satsafeti was created with a cause to make our society and workplace safer. Our Team is working relentlessly towards this goal. Each day we are trying new concepts. As expected we are not succeeding in every trials. Most of our experiments end up being failures. But along this way we are re-shaping the way we think of safety in our day to day lives. satsafeti will continue to evolve and during this endeavor, we will push the human race forward breaking the barrier of old concepts and beliefs....


satsafeti started it's journey from scratch. During October-November 2020 we were experimenting with various technologies. One day, almost accidentally we discovered an algorithm which could differentiate basic objects like human, chair, table, pen etc. We were dealing with a Ago-chemical company back then which wanted a solution for detection of basic safety PPEs through Video based detection. satsafeti developed a functional algorithm and they have acquired and implemented it. From then satsafeti kept on innovating different algorithm for Workplace safety. Currently we have 15+ specific algorithms for Workplace Safety and Security Management.

Meet The Team

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