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satsafeti PVAS was designed for Public Safety

Law Enforcement is a critical job for any government. Ensuring uniform law and order holds crucial role for any stable society. satsafeti is can be implemented with any need of Video Analytics. Our experienced team can develop specific algorithms to detect crucial security situations and alert the responsible stakeholders.


Weapon Detection

satsafeti can detect any unauthorized weapon in all prohibited places. satsafeti can custom train ML models which can detect weapons from a distance through existing CCTV camera feed. It has got the capability to alert all respective stake-holders in real-time.

Street Crime Prediction

satsafeti PVAS predicts crime with real time ground data. Biggest advantage of satsafeti PVAS is it does not take any sensitive data as input. satsafeti does not run any Facial Recognition, Biometrics or Address to predict crime, thus we have been able to keep it free any bias. satsafeti PVAS looks for visually recognizable crime patterns and matches them with other real-time ground data. This is why we have market leading prediction accuracy.

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Intrusion Detection

satsafeti Intruder Detection is based on object classification. It will give alert only when there is an human intrusion. This approach minimizes false alarm close to zero. This same algorithm can be used for Perimeter Protection as well. 


Fight Detection

satsafeti's proprietary fight detection algorithm can detect whether persons in visual range are engaged in hand to hand combat or even using weapons. satsafeti fight detection can be merged with facial recognition to identify the persons who are engaged in fight. 

Facial Recognition

satsafeti has two different Facial Recognition algorithm based on user application. One algorithm is optimized for lower hardware spec and another is tuned for very high accuracy with longer distance from camera. satsafeti deploys these algorithms according to client need and complexity of detection scenario.

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