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satsafeti PVAS is the utimate tool for Smart City

Video Analytics is a very powerful tool to manage fire hazards. Traditional smoke detectors can detect fire only from a very close distance. Video based fire detection can solve this problem with long distance detection algorithms. Existing CCTV camera feed can be analyzed to detect even smallest of fire and user will get remote alert.


People Counting

satsafeti has three different People Counting Technology with 3 different potential application. These technology application vary with real time target implementation. With combination of these three technologies can deploy People Counting at any location with any king of camera feed.

Car Counting

satsafeti car counting technology can differentiate in between any type of car. algorithm is so superior that it can count cars from any distance with any king of visual footage. This technology can be applied in real-time as well as on recorded footage as well.


Object Classification

satsafeti Object Classification Library has more than 25 pre-loaded objects that can be deployed immediately. More over through our proprietary customized ML training we can track down any object or any human behavior of interest.


satsafeti ANPR Solution has two different tune of applications. One Application is ideal for toll or shopping complex where the vehicle speed has to be limited within 30 KMPH. Another application is perfect for highway or expressway where the vehicle can pass with any speed.

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Over Speeding Vehicle

satsafeti is Vehicle Tracking Technology can track vehicle speed along with license plate and send remote alert to Transportation Department with offender screenshots. This technology can be employed for city traffic and for highway traffic as well.

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