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4 emerging AI trends that will change future technology

By the mid of last century Industrial houses had started investing in complicated technologies with huge margin. The reason was simple. They were very cost effective in larger production scales. Modern day machines are going into new technological heights. Couple of decades ago, which were considered to be lab projects with computers that has become the most beautiful research in today's time, known as Artificial Intelligence. Application of AI can bring sustainability with optimized profit margin, this is accepted by Industry today. We can see various adoption of AI into different domains. In coming days AI applications will grow larger. There are few applications which are at nascent stage now, but will have very strong presence in future.

Real time video analysis

Think you are standing at a certain place. Consciously or unconsciously you are continuously scanning the environment around you. Your brain is constantly scanning data taken by your organs. Now compare your brain with a set of logics and calculations and your eyes with visual cameras. AI works in similar fashion. Different visual sensors and cameras will constantly send feed to an AI program which will analyze the feed as per specific requirement. This application is getting very popular day by day. It is being used in Industrial Safety to detect fire from a long distance. It is very popular in those places where human access is limited.

IIoT sensor based analysis with Jetson

Cost effectiveness is a very essential parameter for evaluating the merits of any new technology. Manufacturing Units are constantly optimizing their operation with new modifications be become more cost effective. Changing an existing engineering setup is very difficult. It involves a lot of safety analysis and cost projections. IIoT has created a new opportunity for these applications. IIoT sensors requires less modification and it can transmit data to cloud. With the application of Jetson it can be more cost effective. Jetson computers can process small AI algorithms. Setting up a local cloud with IIoT sensors transmitting data and Jetson performing specific analysis from that data is a setup which is very cost effective and can be applied to a wide range of applications.

Image recognition for Asset Monitoring

Asset Optimization is a crucial calculation that can vary manufacturing cost of a product to a very wide range. We already have very robust methods for Asset Performance Management. Visual analysis of different critical equipment is proving very useful. The real time deterioration of a particular section of pipeline or the weakening point of a conveyor belt joint can be detected with proper Machine Learning algorithms.

Comparing human acts against standard procedures

Let's assume a scenario where a human needs to do a certain task in a very specific way. This kind of sequence is called Standard Operating Procedure. Crosschecking SOPs will always require another human supervision. This becomes a pain point when user has to perform a large set of tasks. With proper combination of DNN parameters we can prepare an AI application which can constantly scan standardized procedures. This is becoming useful where consequence of human error is catastrophic.

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