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Video Analytics In Safety Management to Curb Security Threats; Learn How.

Multiple small and big businesses around the world have faced a security threat. Organizations like banks, retail showrooms, financial institutions or any place that can have huge sum of money is highly prone to thieves, burglary and even hacking of softwares. According to FBI report on bank crime statistics-2019, there were a total of 2440 crimes in varied institutions. The report furthur explained that around 2248 alarm systems, 2400 cameras, 430 electronic tracking devices etc. were in place.

As per a report on Statista,In 2019, retailers in the United States reported an average loss of 828.94 U.S. dollars per robbery. Massive losses occur to any organization that has a reserve of money and data due to security threats. In such places, having a smart and technologically upgraded safety management suite can save millions of dollars every year. What do you think was missing?

Industries/Businesses More Prone To Security Threat

- Banks

- Financial Institutions

- Money Exchanges

- Retail Showrooms

- Chain Outlets

- Private Homes & Villas

- Schools, etc.

Introducing Adavanced Safety Mangement Systems

Almost every place mentioned above has CCTV and other similar systems installed at the workplace. But CCTV’s can only record not send you alarms at the time of action. Multiple alarm systems can aid you only when you are near them. In such situations, the crime preceeds information.

With innovative security suites, you can have access to everything on a single dashboard; with alarms and analytics to save resources in all kinds. Big enterprises across world are focusing on creating safety management softwares that can directly hit these crimes. One such adavancement is Video Analytics.

The “Brain” Of Your Safety Management System

There is a paradigm shift in safety management systems that comes with suites that offer video analytics. Some of the key differentiators are:

  • Get an option to integrate and operate it with existing CCTV systems, saving cost on having entire new systems.

  • Advanced detection of crimes with smart alerts like detection of prohibited items(knife, gun, etc.), detection of unwanted entry during off-hours, alteration in space of key items, etc.

  • Constant reports sent directly to owner

  • Multiple features embedded in single softwares to give immediate alarm signals in case of any alteration in existing set of rules

  • Artifical Intellegence and Machine Laerning embedded systems that have the ability to utilise video to convert into signals.

How Does It Work?

Such softwares usually use metadata that comes with the videos derived from CCTV by additing sense and structures. This aids the system in underatdning if there is any deviation/change in its almost set rules which can detect any mishappening. In case of issues, immediate alarms are seny to the mobile phones enabling quicker actions.

Your showroom might have a burglar enter at wrong time, which when immediately detected can help you save those dollars or maybe your bank from losing out on both cash and customer trust.


The video analytics feature that come with rare safety management systems are a boon in security threats. Not only do they provide advanced safety options but also save on a lot of things- money, goodwill, trust, and ultimately the revenue. If you aim to keep your place safe, choose the smarter safety management system.

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