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Satsafeti PVAS

Conveyor Belt Monitoring

Learn how satsafeti Predictive Video Analytics can see events before they happen


satsafeti was born from Manufacturing Industries. satsafeti is the first company globally to implement Video Analytic Based Prediction for Industrial Equipment. Specifically crafted DNN Algorithm can foresee sudden breakdown before they happen.

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Real time ground analytics through Video Data can enable Predictions for unfortunate Traffic Accidents. Through these data satsafeti can design intelligent Traffic Management which will optimize the time spent of vehicles at a particular stretch of road against accidents.

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satsafeti Crime Prediction does not incorporate any sensitive data like Facial recognition, Biometrics and Addresses. Rather what we do is we create different visual recognizable crime patterns and look for them through CCTV feed. This approach keeps our algorithm free from any bias.

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satsafeti is increasing Manufacturing efficiency through customized on demand Video Analytics 



satsafeti is the only company globally, to implement Video Analytics Based Conveyor Belt Monitoring System in Manufacturing Industry at INDORAMA India Pvt Ltd, Haldia, West Bengal.

DAP plant of INDORAMA Group in eastern India was facing multiple issues due to it getting off-centered frequently and having spillage. satsafeti devised a custom solution to have constant monitoring of the belt through analysis of the IP cam feed. The ML-based algorithm detected the original position of the belt, pixel v/s dimension mapping analyzed coordinates to find any deviation in the belt. A remote alert was sent every time a single deviation was found which helped in controlling spillage and issues in the operations.

Image by Pascal Scholl
Image by Александр Бендус



satsafeti is the global pioneer in implementing Visual Analytics based Welding Inspection. satsafeti is engaged with Sembcorp Marine for developing an Automated Visual Inspection System as per AWS D1.1 Guideline.

This particular approach will save considerable amount of operation cost and time where in traditional approach the entire system was old school human based. Same process will be executed noe through satsafeti developed automated inspection bay, where the entire process of few days will be completed in less than five minutes.





Workplace Safety Algorithms

Security Management Algorithms

Average Detection Accuracy

Milli Sec Fastest Response

Clients who has seen satsafeti's  potential to resolve some of their key bottlenecks


Learn how satsafeti is building Video Robotics to improve Workplace Safety

Image by Lenny Kuhne

Tata Steel , Jamshedpur was facing a critical safety issue while cleaning the floor beneath moving equipment, mainly due to space constraint. Cleaning the floor periodically is recommended for smooth running of equipment, but human entry under a moving machine part poses big workplace safety risk. satsafeti has resolved this bottleneck through development of a customized robot for cleaning the floor and collecting materials. 

Learn why satsafeti Predictive Video Analytics is so popular among clients


Open Platform Solution

satsafeti solution can be integrated with all VMS and other standard protocol

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Feed from existing CCTV

satsafeti solutions can take feed from any existing CCTV camera network, no additional hardware required

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Limitless Customization

satsafeti can enable any interpretation of human eye through Video Analytics, with desired accuracy

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