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Mechanical Engineer

satsafeti PVAS was born from Manufacturing Industries

satsafeti PVAS is an impeccable tool to predict early failure of manufacturing equipment. Originally, this concept was developed to foresee any breakdown or accident before it happens. satsafeti PVAS is the first in class software to implement Predictive Video Analytics into Manufacturing domain.


Failure Prediction & Safety Monitoring of Conveyor Belt

satsafeti is the first company globally to implement Video Analytics for Conveyor Belt Health and Safety Monitoring. Our first installation was for INDORAMA Group and biggest installation is for TATA STEEL where we are monitoring close to 150 Conveyors. Here we have implemented industry first Equipment Failure Prediction through Video Analytics.

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AI- Based Welding Inspection as per AWS D1.1

satsafeti created a remarkable Visual Analytics based Automated Inspection Bay for Singapore based shipping construction company Sembcorp Marine. The Inspection mechanism and acceptance criteria was developed according AWS D1.1 Guideline. Before satsafeti installation it used to take days to inspect one welded part due to human intensive process. After satsafeti installation the same job is finished in just few minutes. 

Failure Prediction of Sinter Machine Wheel

satsafeti is working with Jindal Steel to develop world's first Video Analytics based early Failure Prediction for Sinter Machine Car Wheel. satsafeti PVAS unique feature to suggest accurate  maintenance action will help JSW to reduce unwanted operation downtime through curbing frequency of sudden breakdown.

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Fire Detection PRO

satsafeti has proprietary DNN based algorithm which can detect fire in less than 6 seconds with more than 95.2% accuracy over a distance of 500 meters maximum. It is very useful for Long Range fire detection where IR based Flame Detectors can detect upto maximum 70 meters.

PPE Monitoring

satsafeti contains 20 PPEs in it's liabraby including Safety Helmet, Gloves, Googles to Chemical Suits. Any PPE can be detected with more than 95% accuracy. Client can enable different combinations of PPE for tracking. Once PPE protocol is violated satsafeti will send email and message to user with screenshot.

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Gas Leak Detection

Based on a Research based methodology, satsafeti has developed it's Gas Leak Detection Algorithm merging Thermal and Visual feed. The biggest advantage of this algorithm is it can pin point the Leak Area through video recording.

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