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satsafeti PVAS is bringing revolution to Retail Sector

satsafeti PVAS is changing the traditional ways people used to do business. Today Retail Sector is more organized and very much customer experience centric. Big retail chains have already employed Data Analytics, but only data is not sufficient. For retail to have full customer insights Video Analytics is the only tool they should focus upon beside other analytics.

Sale Window

Revenue Prediction

satsafeti has proprietary DNN based algorithm which can predict revenue of any retail shop on daily, weekly or monthly basis. This is a very powerful AI tool that takes input from real time ground data any processes them to generate outcome in terms of predicted revenue in sales.

Customer Experience

satsafeti can help retail chains to improve customer experience through selective segregation and management of demographics. Real time customer behavior analysis will also give insight for shop floor optimized orientation, manpower deployment and  stock management.

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At the Supermarket

Manpower Management

Manpower management is a very crucial aspect of Retail Chain operation. Optimized amount of Manpower should be deployed at right time right place. Organizing this process manually is impossible. This can be done through only analytics. satsafeti PVAS has all the elements through which Retailers can manage their workforce efficiently and effectively.

Stock Management

Stock Management directly impacts Retail Sales. satsafeti Video Analytics can bring reat-time stock status through visual tracking and alert the retail managers at right point of time. Long term average of these data can also predict stock level for better and efficient prifitability management.

Refrigerated Goods
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Queue Management

Customers hate standing long queues. Managing average time spent in queues is very important for better customer experience. satsafeti Video Analytics can help shop floor managers to arrange billing counters efficiently so that customers has to spent minimum time in billing and other queues.

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